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Friday, September 28, 2007

One Step Closer...

to the WALK TO CURE DIABETES which takes place on Sunday, October 7, 2007. I'm excited to be walking not only with my family team, the Big Asteroids, but also with the Sacramento Craft Mafia Team. So far, we've collectively have raised over $600 for the JDRF (which in turn go toward research and trials to find the cure to type 1 diabetes, which will inevitably aid in finding a cure for type 2)! Our family has been blessed by the people who have rallied together for this cause. It became our cause in 2005 when our son was diagnosed at the age of 11. People from all over the world have sent in crafty donations for the Sugarcube Society, sent in monetary donations, and have blogged about it to create awareness that 15,000 cases of type 1 are diagnosed each year. When I see what our son goes through managing this disease, it means even more to me what others are doing to help us end this crappy disease (which is not only a TERRIBLE disease for the normalcy of a child's life, but also puts them at risk for horrific short-term and long-term complications such as DKA, hypoglycemic comas, blindness, renal failure, heart disease, and diabetic ulcers of the feet and legs leading to amputation and sepsis, fatal blood poisoning).

Last night, a few of the girls from the SCM came over to my house for a little t-shirt decorating get-together. I would have called it a party if more of the girls could have made it. However, I was so thrilled that Amy (Pepto Girl Industries), Antoinette (Creatress Designs) and Rain (Rain's Embellishments) came to hang out, eat goodies, and create masterpieces to represent our fabulous team! Here's a peek:

Thank you girls for coming all the way to my house in the burbs on a weeknight! It means so much. And thank you all who have contributed to OUR cause!


At September 29, 2007 at 9:11 PM , Blogger smileymamaT said...

Aw that looks like so much fun! Good cause, keep it up! :)


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