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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweet like Sugar!

Hi, I'm Melody of the Sacramento Craft Mafia and I would just like to thank everyone who has donated their time, money, creativity, goods and love to the cause of my heart, finding the cure to type 1 diabetes, which my son Christian was diagnosed with in 2005.

Many of my sisters in the Mafia as well as crafters from all over the world have sent in items for my fundraising shop on Etsy called the Sugarcube Society. Almost everyday, I have the opportunity to talk to people who are affected by this disease in some way. I really love connecting with these people. We are kindred spirit, all of us on the same side of a battle trying to defeat a foe that is seemingly all-encompassing at times. I'm continually overwhelmed by the generosity of others and the strength of those who struggle with this disease.

There's a good variety of items in the shop, but I think I'm most impressed with how the Sugarbabies project has turned out. These babies started out as plain cotton fabric dolls in two sizes: full-size doll and pincushion doll.

Look what the mafia girls did with them, which is a total testament to their creativity and craftsmanship:

Two have already SOLD! The SCM artists involved in the creation of these dolls are Lorrain Garcia, Stacey Ball, Erika-Ashley Garcia, and Angel Walsh (papergoods artist).

Thanks girls for all your amazing work and for helping me raise money for the cure!

Sugarcube Society coordinator

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