Sacramento Craft Mafia

The Sacramento Craft Mafia is an organization of indie business owners who have come together to promote, support and encourage each other and put Sacramento on the map as the capital of Crafts.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Years and New Shows!!!

Well we are speeding toward 2009 and a whole new slew of awesome craft shows!

First and foremost there will be a great show to start off the new year! Indie Sacramento is going to be January 3rd from 12-4 pm at 1616 I Street!!! Join Sophia of Simply Strands and a myriad of other local artisans.

After that...who knows! The world is our oyster and a great show is the pearl!

Also check out Sara Jane and Co. for the best Second Saturday fun time...yes there is a Second Saturday in January=) Be there or be square!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almost Christmas!

Just hoping on to wish all the craft- fabulous ladies and gentlemen out there a warm and Merry Christmas from the Sacramento Craft Mafia!!!

As soon as Christmas is over come and join Simply Strands of the SCM at Indie Sacramento in the heart of Midtown.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


1616 I Street, Midtown Sacramento

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The coolest show is in January is for the birds!

This is to serve as an advanced notice of the ultra cool show coming to next Second Saturday (Jan 10) and the crafty goodness of Puppy Bird and Absolutely Small will be representing the crafty side of Sacramento with bird-inspired stuff. Don't worry I'll post a reminder.

The purpose of this show is to raise awareness about the plight of birds in captivity and the wild. So plan on coming out and showing some love for our feathered friends.

Check out this awesome show in honor of National Bird Day!
Aves Art show

Body Tribe and Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute

Aves: A Celebration of Birds in Art
A group art show to raise awareness of the plight of birds in captivity and the wild through art.

Artists include Caia Koopman, Char Hall, Alison Murphy, Ben Poulsen, Carol Rogala, Cheryl Root, Craig Martinez, Cy Wylie, Evie Turner,John Stuart-Berger, Krissi Sandvik, Laurelin Gilmore, Mark Fox, Melodee Strong, Nicole Fox, Olivia E. M. Hansen, Steve Offerman, Sue Dedina, and Tj Lev. Plus! Puppy Bird and Absolutely Small

Saturday, January 10, 6:00pm–10:00pm.

Body Tribe
920 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(between I and J Streets)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

Wonderful Saturday!

Rain of Rain's Embellishments, Angel of Angels Accents, and Sophia of Simply Strands spent a wonderful Saturday at Craftacular with the Petaluma Craft Mafia. They has such an impressive space and so many talented vendors. If you didn't get a chance to check it out then look at their blog for come great interviews with some of the participants!

Photos will be coming!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PCM's Holiday Craftacular THIS WEEKEND! - Check out the Interview....

Repost from the PCM Blog:

All in the Famiglia: An Interview with Rain's Embellishments

By Cheryl of Moxieville and the Petaluma Craft Mafia

Family. There is nothing quite like family, that is unless it's crafty famiglia, and we are so lucky to have Lorrain Garcia , aka, "Rains Embellishments" as a fellow crafty sister in this big crafty famiglia called the "Craft Mafia."

I first met Rain when she joined us for the Petaluma Craft Mafia's first show, "Craftaluma."
Rain is part of our big extended crafty famiglia, and she is part of the extraordinarily talented Sacramento Craft Mafia.

We love our Capitol City Crafty gals! Here is what I know about Lorrain, not only is she a kick-ass talented jewelry and bauble maker, she also has a fine sense of humor, is an accomplished cupcake baker and one of the best dressers I know. She and I share a deep fondness for owls, (you've all seen my owl necklace she made). Lorrain has a generous heart and not one mean bone in her body. She's also an Aquarius for those of you who were wondering. And oh, psst...she's also baaack! We are thrilled because she and some her crafty Sacramento Craft Mafia sisters are joining us for "Mafia Made Holiday Craftacular." Nope, there is nothing like famiglia. And we are thrilled to have them with us!

C: Okay Ms. Rain, please tell us how you came up with the name of your crafty enterprise.
L: Hey there! My name is Lorrain Garcia, my business is Rain's Embellishments. My business name just sort of came into being because it's my nickname Rain: I use to hang out all the time at my bf's house in grade school. She had a little brother who had a hard time saying Lorrain. Whenever he would talk to me he would call out "My Rain" it was so cute it stuck! And Embellishments because my jewelry is my embellishment!

C: Where are you located?
L: Sacramento, CA

C: Hometown?
L: Sactown!

C: Yay Sactown!! Home of Merlino's Orange Freeze and the Sacramento Craft Mafia!! Tell the folks what it is that you make.
L: Currently I've been working with enameled flower pieces, (sugar)skulls & owls!
My three favorite things of the moment. I take a variety of different beads an mold them into
necklace pendants, earrings and bracelets.

C: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about what you do?
L: I love making things with my hands! It really gives me a sense of accomplishment to take different random elements and make them into something to wear! Sometimes it's heart-breaking to sell a piece that I've fallen in love with. Other times I just think I'm making items to add to my ever-growing collection! I'll stay up many a night on a creative binge and then wake up in the morning with sore wrists & hands! I'd have to say that over-working my hands is a major draw-back. Over the summer I was actually having a real hard time with my wrists hurting, so I wasn't able to create that much. I've had to train myself to stretch before I work. Sometimes I forget, but my joints always remind me when I do!

C: Oh boy. Do I know that feeling. I used to ignore it - until one day it refused to be ignored! The pain and numbness started shooting up my shoulder and neck. Still, the pain is worth the creative binges. Speaking of which, what brings you creative inspiration?
L: Sometimes it's as easy as visiting a bead store or fabric store. Other times it's from walking through a gallery or museum...being influenced by other peoples art. Sometimes it's a minor suggestion that someone gives me. I've actually dreamt a piece of jewelry into being! I know it kinda sounds hokey, but I have definitely dreamt about placing certain colors together or various beads.

C: It's not "hokey." I'm a dreamer myself, and trust dreams and intuition. Anytime I've gone against my intuition is when things tend to go awry! Clearly, your dreams are working for you Rain. I sense an extra dimension at play when I look at your work. You have a richness and depth in your color palette as well as the design elements in your pieces. You are fearless, and I tend to admire courage and kindness in all aspects of life. What advice would you give to a designer who wanted to start a business such as yours?
L: For one thing, I have found that there are A LOT of jewelry designers out there! So I definitely recommend that you find your niche! Figure out what makes your pieces yours...figure out your "signature"!
Try something different that sets you apart! That's what your audience will notice!

C: Do you have any exciting news or future business plans you'd like to
L: Shh... it's a secret!

C: Gotcha. We gotta keep it on the "down-low" in the Mafia. LOL! Do you have any favorite crafty haunts?
L: Geez! Where do I start? I love bead stores, fabric stores, scrapbook shops....I loved the bead store I use to work at with all my heart! Sadly, BeadWorks closed two years ago! I do love visiting The Bead Fetish & Piece of Mind, Beverly's Fabric & Crafts, Rumpelstiltskin, The Scrapbook Station, Fire & Rain, Art Gallery, The Crocker...funny enough, Empire Comics, craft night at a friends house - and for that matter, my mom's sewing room!

C: Curve ball question: Sean Connery or Roger Moore?
L: Man, are you kidding, Sean Connery! He's still sexy!

C; It's that Scottish brogue, you can't figure out what the devil he's saying! Tres sexy in it's confusion! What is your favorite midnight snack?
L: Cookies & ice cream!

C: Nummy! Hard question now, Favorite book and movie?
L: Lordy, ya know... there are just too many wonderful ones to name! Empire Records, Reality Bites, Sex and the City, Anam Cara, Love Story, Harry Potter 1-7, if there is ever a Buffy movie based off the TV show, that would most definitely be on top! High Fidelity, gosh, Frida, practically anything by Michele Gondry or Sophia Coppola, the early works of V.C. Andrews...dude, I know I'm missing some other great material! Most any art book
with Frida Khalo, Gustav Klimt or Alphonse Mucha!

C: Le sigh. All excellent choices. Love Story, even the theme song to the movie makes me get a big 'ol painful lump in my throat. I can't handle it. Harry P. rocks. I'm a huge John Cusack fan. I wanna marry him when I grow up and together we shall have fifteen crafty children and a purple-painted picket fence with an orange Karman Ghia parked in front. Someday, Rain, we are just going to have to have a big 'ol sister city movie and dinner craftalong in each of our fair towns. Let's make it happen! Okay, the dinner party question, your throwing a dinner party, who would you invite and why?
L: My Grandma Carmen because I miss her laughter! My mom, sis, niece, dad, bf Chris, and my other bffs Amanda & Erin all because they are all the people I depend on the most! And when I close my eyes, they are the people I see sitting around the table! I could probably name other "famous" people, but really, I think I would just be too nervous to eat and I'd rather be enjoying the delicious meal full of warmth and laughter!

C: Now that is a typical Rain response, and why we love you so much! Thank you darlin' and we can't wait to see you and your sisters next Saturday in Petaluma!

You can find more Rain Goodness here at her blog and more about our crafty cool sisters in Sacramento right over here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Indie Fashion Design Competition

I have finally gotten the opportunity to combine my interest in crafty fashion with my full time job as a campaigner for Born Free USA.

Today my organization, Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute (Born Free USA) and leading environmental publication, E Magazine, launched “fffashion,” the fur-free fashion design competition. fffashion’s goal is to promote the ethical and environmental benefits of foregoing fur fashions while creating an opportunity for independent designers to showcase their talent for a worthy cause.

Winners will be will be chosen by a celebrity panel of judges including eco-model and Discovery Channel “Planet Green” host, Summer Rayne Oakes; lifestyle icon Sophie Uliano, author of New York Times bestselling book Gorgeously Green, and E Magazine editor Brita Belli.

Independent designers are invited to enter their fur-free fashion designs for cash prizes and the chance to be featured in a full-page ad in the September/October issue of E Magazine.

Complete contest details can be viewed through the button below

alt="Fur Free Fashion Competition" width="390" height="72" border="0">

This is an international competition and I hope that our local Sacramento designers will represent!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

What a Wonderful Staurday!

Yesterday was a wonderful day with Sara Jane and Co. and Indie Sacramento!

Sara Jane and Co. is an awesome boutique in mid-town Sacramento on 21st between I and J. If you have never had a chance to visit please check it out! They have awesome clothing, paints, accessories, and art. They are also the show place for some of the wares of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. They carry Simply Strands jewelry and Ignition jewelry and hair accessories. It is a cool store and they support local artists...could it get any better?

So anyway, back to yesterday!

Myself, and Shonda of Ignition were lucky enough to get help Sara Jane at her table at Indie Sacramento. This is the Second annual incarnation of Sacramento's largest craft and trunk fair. It was a wonderful collection of about 40 independent vendors selling their handmade goods. If you want to see who was there check out the vendor list on their website! It was truly impressive.

The next Indie Sacramento show is going to be on January 3rd at a location TBA somewhere on the midtown grid. It is going to be a great place to reward yourself for getting through the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The Petaluma Craft Mafia's Holiday Craftacular is a week and a half away! As we ladies in the SCM finish our last wire loops, crocheted stitches, and gluing (because we will be there!)'s the low down on our fellow Mafiosas event!

Dreams of holiday tinsel and Sugar Plum fairies waltzing through your head? Have you ever wanted to meet Bumble the abominable snowman from "Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer?" Stir that together with a sprinkle of Nightmare before Christmas and you have Mafia Made HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR! You can bet your candy-cane striped toe socks, we've got another crazy show planned!

The Petaluma Craft Mafia is pleased to announce our first annual holiday show, "Mafia Made HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR" to debut on Saturday, December 13th from eleven to five at the Petaluma Veteran's Hall.

Our first show CRAFTALUMA was such a success, we keep getting requests for when we would have another show, so we decided to put together a holiday show with some of the most talented DIY'ers, crafty crafters and kick-ass artisans we could assemble - that includes you!

We will have plenty of crafty how-to demos from many of our inspiring and talented vendors. Mojo talented and local live entertainment from the ever-fresh and pretty dang crafty themselves, Bluebellies and adorable Gabby LaLa. You'll be thrilled to know that the Petaluma Craft Mafia plans to have another crafty raffle. **Vendors, (please send us your swag and any goodies you would love some lucky person to have to promote your wares and your crafty company). Swag bags to the first 50 folks through the door. Our theme is a Retro Winter Wonderland with a hint of kitsch and a bit of underground fantasical Holiday flavor going on -remember, this ain't your dear granny's craft show. Bumble the Abominable snow man may drop by and take pictures with the young folk...and you never know who else....

Get your Holiday Shopping done in one fell swoop, and come away inspired by our crafty cast of characters this year at Mafia Made HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR. Belly up to our decorate your own christmas cookie and cupcake table...

HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR starts at noon and admission is 2 dollars. You will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of our awesome crafty prizes, and if you bring a toy for our "Toys for Tots" you will automatically get another chance at the raffle. Children under 16 are free. Crafto'licious swag bags for the first 100 folks through the door!

Come on down and meet Petaluma's Crafty famiglia, we'll have a jolly 'ol tinse'licious time!

Saturday, 11-5 December 13th, 2008
Petaluma Veteran's Memorial Hall
1094 Petaluma Boulevard South
Petaluma, CA 94952

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hot Hair!

Where do you go for the hottest hair in town?

I personally go to Alley Cuts...home of some of the most talented and inventive stylists in the Sacramento Area. It is also the home of one of our very own mafiosa's!!! Shonda of Ignition is one of the super awesome stylists at Alley Cuts...check out the picture for the best cut and color ever! Look at all the great color in there! (and my cute PJ'S)
Alley Cut' and book a Shonda 'Do Today!!!
(916) 447-5212
724 Merchant St Sacramento, CA 95814