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Monday, September 22, 2008

Go All Locovore

The term "locovore" is typically used to describe eating locally grown food - while that is all well and great I'd like to propose that everyone expand that definition to also aim to support your local businesses, artists and crafters.  Why support local businesses? I know most people don't need that question answered we intuitively know its a good thing.  Seriously there are lots of reason so, here is a link to an article if you need an explanation

Lets start with supporting our local coffee houses. First I'd like to give a special shout out two The Coffee Garden on Franklin blvd and the Java Lounge. These two coffee hang outs not only serve great coffee and have great atomosphere they have been good to the Craft Mafia and other local designers and artists.  The mafia frequently meets and holds shows at the Coffee Garden and every second tuesday we decend upon the Java lounge for a "craft along" - if you haven't check it out please come and get your craft on. 

With a Starbucks on every corner it can be tempting to swing in and pick up that tasty soy carmel machiodo (or however the heck its spelled), but if you don't know where to go to give a local coffee shop some love check out the "Delocator"  This is a site set up specifically to help you not support Starbucks - type in your zip code and it will list all the lovely unique coffee houses in your area (it will also show you just for comparisson how many starbucks surround it). 

Of course you can support your local businesses by shopping the grid, and by comming out to the craft mafia shows like our upcomming "Craftoberfest"  on October second saturday (October 11 from 10am to 4pm) in the SN&R parking lot. Check the craft mafia myspace for updates on that:  

The weekend before, Saturday October 4 you can come out and support local designers at the WonderFall Fashion show at Freestyle clothing in citrus heights. Check out puppybird's myspace for more info on that : 

Back to the food. If your out there looking for a restuarant that offers some vegan alternatives check out the newly redesigned and expanded sacramento vegan eating guide -it now covers the whole U.S. and is called Vegtopia 

So go out there this Fall season and go all loco! 

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At September 23, 2008 at 9:25 AM , Blogger Sacramento Craft Mafia said...

What a fantastic, informative post! Thanks PuppyBird!


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