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The Sacramento Craft Mafia is an organization of indie business owners who have come together to promote, support and encourage each other and put Sacramento on the map as the capital of Crafts.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Did We Mention Swag???

Yes Swag! We are giving out FREE SWAG to the first 100 visitors to Craftoberfest!

But what is swag really? Here's one definition from the Urban Dictionary:
Any corporate/branded merchandise given out for free in order to promote the company/brand. Usually little trinkets or doodads, sometimes clothing, and always cheaply mass-produced. Etymology of this term most likely stems from the middle-English use of the word 'swag' often in pirate circles or other criminal circles as a euphemism for loot or plunder.

Our swag bags are going to be filled with incredible goodies made by the Craft Mafia girls who will be vending the show! I won't tell you all the things that will be in there because that would ruin the surprise! However, I will tell you there will be some good stuff to get your hands on - including the latest copy of the Sac News & Review as well as mini pumpkins from Dave's Pumpkin Patch! So make sure you arrive early! The show starts @ 10:00am at the Sac News & Review parking lot (1015 20th St. Midtown Sac)!


At October 3, 2008 at 8:33 AM , Blogger SimplyStrands said...

Yay!!! SWAG!?!? I am so excited=)


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